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Environmental Policy

One of the most important things to me as a stationery designer is ensuring that I have a kick-ass environmental policy.

All things created in-house is created as environmentally friendly as physically possible:

1. Everything is made in the UK. By small companies owned by real humans. Shopping small in a big way. I’m a real human- and my suppliers are all real humans. I speak to them on the phone and use inappropriate kisses at the end of emails and everything.

2. The box and cards are all literally made by hand. I am using this word in the actual literal correct context. Literally.

3. There is no plastic packaging. Anywhere. None inside, none used while posting.I aim to be as zero waste as possible for a company that uses paper as its main event. I talk about it a lot. It gets a bit boring- but it’s my millennial showing.

4. Everything is recyclable. The suppliers I use all have great environmental policies, as do I. While I’m not advising your mates chuck your cards away (!!) all our foiled cards can be put in the recycling bin. For more information about materials and their environmental policies see here for paper, and here for foil.

Everything else stocked in the shop is as low waste as possible. We've chosen PU leather instead of real leather. Everything is made either in the UK or EU by small independent companies. Nothing we stock is made in china. As few air miles as possible, with companies who also have great environmental policies.

Lastly - all our packaging will always be plastic free. This does mean that sometimes P&P can be a little higher to ensure it can all go in the compost heap or recycling bin - but there is no plastic wrap over here.