I loved creating wedding stationery, but the niggle was still there. After winning multiple awards and becoming an expert in my field, I still had an idea that I was desperate to create and I couldn’t ignore it.

I spent a year looking at prototypes and trying to get funding. I applied for a start up loan, jumping through lots of hoops and lots of back and forth with middle aged men who didn't grasp the need for stationery.

I was eventually offered the funding- but I somewhat insanely refused to take it. I didn’t want to start something I loved with a bitter taste in my mouth. And it was actually the best decision I’ve ever made.

After another year of procrastinating I decided to crowdfund instead, and set up a Kickstarter to seed Pretty Post - with people who loved the idea as much as I did.

It was a massive success and I smashed the target in six days. And from there, Pretty Post was born!