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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Lavender

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Lavender


The Perfect fountain pen - Kaweco have long been my writing instrument of choice- beautifully smooth writing, whether you’re left or right handed -  combined with style. You’ll want to keep this on your desk to stare at. 

Ergonomically shaped and incredibly light in the hand, you can easily write for hours without stopping  

The Kaweco Sport pens use the lid as the barrel - so while they're compact while closed, they become a full size pen once open.  With a medium nib, there’s zero scratch as it glides across the page. 

All Kaweco pens take a standard ink cartridge - but you can combine with Kaweco’s beautifully formulated inks too.

  • full size, lavender fountain pen 
  • medium nib
  • smooooooooooooth writing 
  • takes standard ink cartridges
  • Ergonomically shaped and incredibly light
  • Comes in a simple box, perfect for gift giving.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Erica Nelson
Fab pen!

Love this compact, easy to use pen. It writes so smoothly, looks cute, and I love that it has purple ink to match!

Abby Summerville
Could not love this more!

20 years since I’ve written with a fountain pen and I forgot how much I love it. It writes beautifully in the purple ink I also added to basket, glides across the page, no scratching and encourages me to write so much neater! There isn’t a product I haven’t yet loved from Pretty Post but this is my favourite yet, just need to get another colour now for a different colour ink!