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2022 Monthly Wall Planner 2022 Monthly Wall Planner 2022 Monthly Wall Planner

2022 Monthly Wall Planner

2022 Monthly Wall Planner



The ultimate wall calendar- this planner is perfect for business, family and everything inbetween. Plenty of space to keep you organised and some special features that take it from useful to life changing.

I created this wall planner for myself last year, and couldn't wait to share it with you for 2022. Not only is it minimal to work with whatever decor you've got going on, It's designed with a few particular features in mind:

It's A3 sized, with one month per full page. I like to be able see at a glance everything we've got on. Whether it's birthdays, holidays, bookings, school events, work commitments... you name it.  

A4 is too small, and A2/A1 planners are too cluttered for me to be able to quickly glance at. A3 is the perfect size.

The 'special line'. Simple in design, but each day has an separate space at the bottom for some extra planning. I use this for our relatively niche co-parenting situation - so I can see when the kiddo is with his dad - and for meal planning on the other days. We've also used this to track habits, used it as a reward chart, and I also know its brilliant for people who book more than one client per day and for noting birthdays without taking up the whole day! 

It's printed on thick card, not paper! 400GSM uncoated card to be exact. This is about double the thickness of your standard wall calendar. What this means is that you can highlight, colour, stick, paint and draw all over it to your hearts content, with whatever tool you fancy. It also means the corners will never curl, and it will always sit flush to the wall. 

It comes wire bound or in loose sheets. I know you all have your own thing going on. If you've got a nail ready to go and want to hang it up - wire bound is the way to go. 

  • 12 dated pages for 2021 plus a cover sheet
  • choose from wire bound or loose sheets
  • 400GSM thick uncoated card - perfect for all pens and pencils and paints!

Customer Reviews

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R Rodgers
Organisational heaven

Having a one-year-old with additional needs, a three-year-old with a better social life than me, juggling full-time jobs with childcare and the hassle of life itself, this calendar is a life-saver. It’s so simple and it needs to be. I can’t afford to have space on my calendar for shopping lists and affirmations, I just need big open boxes that give me space to fit everything in and that’s what you get with this wall planner. The layout, the size, the quality of the card and that wonderful line that I never knew I needed, I can’t fault it.

Abby Summerville
Better quality than any wall calendar I have ever bought

I buy a wall planner for the family every year, but I need one for myself in the office. This is hands down the best quality I have ever bought. Unbelievably thick weighted card, sharpie friendly, I'm not even going to lie, I bought it a month late, so January has been taken away and my son is using the back for his intricate ink pen doodling because the card is so thick. This will be my new annual treat to myself! Sidenote, Zoe, PLEASE can we have a family one in this quality too? You'll have a buyer for life!

Caragh Campbell
Just what I was after - perfect

I was searching to a monthly planner and this is perfect. It's the right size to sit on my fridge and I love the sleek simple design. Can't wait to start using this - off now to order more beautiful stationary!

Can't wait to use this!

Absolutely love the size of this planner, can't wait to start using it and get super organised for 2022!

holly robinson
Excellent Service, Superior Product

I was desperate for the Pretty Post Wall Planner and was so sad when they were all sold out (of course they were - they are stunning!) The team found me one and got in touch right away and got my order out to me in no time.

So over the moon - it looks fab in the office!!