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Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box pretty post - twenty luxury cards for all occasions Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box Pretty post - box of luxury cards [retty post - hi card for all occasions pretty post - a little note card - for all occasions pretty post - a box of cards for all occasions pretty post - a box full of cards for the year pretty post - selection of luxury cards pretty post - a selection of hot foiled luxury cards pretty post - a selecton of luxury hot foiled cards pretty post - luxury thank you card pretty post - hip hip hooray luxury card pretty post - luxury happy birthday card pretty post - hello card pretty post oh em gee luxury card Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box

Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box

Pretty Post: A Year of Cards in a Box


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Choose from the original gold box, or holographic edition.

What is Pretty Post?

A year of cards in a box - Pretty Post is twenty different, all occasion, luxury cards in a reusable and refillable box.

'All occasion' means they cover birthdays, thank yous, celebrations of all kinds and lots of multi-use cards that work for all the other times you need a card but don't have one.

An attractive and reusable box filled with luxury cards, designed to work for every occasion and person. Sticking with a neutral palette means that they appeal to everyone - male, female, adult or child.  They're minimalist, with a mix of calligraphy and typography.

Twenty cards, all of which could happily be used for everyone. Send them to your best mate, your granny, your dad,  even your one friend who you know is 100% judging you on the card you send them.

The cards are about as fancy as you get - luxury stock, thick tactile cards. On 350GSM card for the paper geeks out there. The kind of card you don't get much change from a fiver for in a shop. Each of them is hot foiled -that's when they're metallic and shiny, and feel especially nice - embossed into the paper.

They all come housed, in beautifully made box. This has been designed to be as minimal as possible. This means you can pop it on a shelf, rather than hide it away in a cupboard, this way you can easily access it. It even has space for extra cards - so you can keep this as a reusable and refillable card box. 

What's so special about them?

1. Everything is made in the UK. By small companies owned by real humans. Shopping small in a big way. I’m a real human- and my suppliers are all real humans. I speak to them on the phone and use inappropriate kisses at the end of emails and everything.

2. The box and cards are all literally made by hand. I am using this word in the actual literal correct context. Literally.

3. There is no plastic packaging. Anywhere. None inside, none used while posting. That’s 20 less cellophane wrappers you’ll be throwing in the bin. I aim to be as zero waste as possible for a company that uses paper as its main event. I talk about it a lot. It gets a bit boring- but it’s my millennial showing.

4. Everything is recyclable. The suppliers I use all have great environmental policies, as do I. While I’m not advising your mates chuck your cards away (!!) all our foiled cards can be put in the recycling bin. 

Don't just take me word for it - my wonderful customers love them too. Some of my favourite snippets (you can find these and more in our Instagram highlights and check the reviews below too):

"I feel like a little kid in a card shop, these are unreal, Zoe!"
"So much attention to detail, I want to rub my finger all over them!"
"These are seriously gorgeous, Zoe. Kinda feel like I don't want to use them!"
"Just received them in the post, so so happy -they are totally gorgeous! Can't wait to use them!"
"Well done you, what a triumph. They are SO gorgeous, I can't stop stroking them!"


Need some cards just for kids? - you can find these here. They fit in the box too, of course.

Want to be even more organised? Our perpetual calendar is designed to fit in the box. 


  • 20 different luxury 350GSM cards
  • a6 size
  • Hot foiled, with a black and white theme
  • Comes in a reusable, luxury black box with envelopes to match
  • Split into four categories: Multi use, celebration, thank you and birthday
  • Refill packs available
  • All cards, box and packaging are made in the UK by small independent suppliers
  • Fully recyclable, using FSC paper and packaging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Samantha Notley
Beautiful cards

These cards are stunning great quality I’ll definitely be ordering again

Lindsay Reid

I ordered the box of cards as I was impressed with the value & often have a panic for a last min card or get bored of those in shops. The box is so lovely, the designs, envelopes & quality is all so good, I am definitely going to order another pack to have!!

Kirsty Edge
Gorgeous cards 😍

My box arrived today and it really is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever ordered. Packaged beautifully with no plastic in sight and all cards are absolutely gorgeous! They are also incredible value, especially given the quality. I really can’t wait to give these to people!

Fab cards!

Been following on Instagram for ages and finally ordered my first set of cards! Quality is amazing and I can’t wait to start sending them out!

Amy O'Donnell
Great idea - excellent execution

I've been wanting to order this since last year. Being stuck at home, I've been sending more and more cards for various occasions, and after having spent a ridiculous amount on generic, uninspiring cards I decided to bite the bullet.

I did the maths and worked out that this box comes in at a mere £1.75 a card, compared to the £2 - £3.50 I was spending with Paperchase. I was shocked! I'm still shocked. It can't be true.

And the cards are BEAUTIFUL. Like really stunning, a really nice mix of different themes and occasions, meaning I now have a card for every person and any occasion.

Also the packaging is not only stunning, but also so practical. I now have a a lovely simple box of cards rather than a messy drawer where I can't find anything.

Planning which pack I'll order next to add to the box already.